So after a long time after reading Dave’s awesome review, I finally got to see Lockout during the Thanksgiving holiday. If you haven’t seen it, I’d say you should because it is like Escape from New York but in space and less 1970’s grit. Basically, a special forces dude wrongfully convicted of a crime he did not commit (Snow) is the only guy that can save the President’s daughter who is trapped in a space-prison orbiting the earth.

 If that synopsis isn’t enough to convince you to watch it, here are some choice lines to pique your interest (just so you know, Emilie Warnock is the President’s daughter):

Harry Shaw: We could send in one man. One man with one very specific order. To get Emilie Warnock out.
President Warnock: Who? [cuts to]
Snow: I’d rather castrate myself with blunt rocks.

Emilie Warnock: Who are you? Who sent you?
Snow: Your old man did.
Emilie Warnock: My dad. What did he say?
Snow: Well, I didn’t get to meet him personally. He kind of delegated your rescue. He had a big conference on the corn surplus.
Emilie Warnock: You’re kidding me?
Snow: No. No, apparently, we should all be eating more corn.
Emilie Warnock: About my father?
Snow: Oh, yeah. I made that other bit up.
Emilie Warnock: Did he have a message for me?
Snow:, Yes. You are adopted.

All in all, I’d give it 3/5 or 6.5/10. It’s no Commando, but definitely a good addition to the genre.

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