New Band Discovery

Last week a buddy of mine got me a free ticket to a concert.  I was just coming back from a vacation to DC.  I was really tired and not sure I wanted to go.  I had never even heard of this artist before and hadn’t taken the time to listen to any of his music beforehand.  But then I thought about how I had not been to a concert in over a year and decided it would be good for me to get out and see a new band.

I was really glad I did.  It was an awesome show.  Maybe it was because I went in with no expectations, but it was really refreshing to discover a new band that I like.  The artist is called Youth Lagoon and I have been listening to them a lot lately.  They feel like kind of a mix between St. Vincent and El Ten Eleven. Check it out.




  1. Yeah. At the show he played a song called Kerry which he said was about his fugitive uncle. Since he is from Idaho I can only assume that means that his uncle is a meth dealer.


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