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Say Hello to Violet Ruby Stoffer.  Violet was born at 8:24am on Monday August 11th.  It all happened really quickly.  Marci started having contractions around 4:00am.  The midwife wanted us to stop by her clinic to check out how things were progressing, but right before we got in the car Marci declared that we had to go straight to the hospital.  The Hospital was 30 minutes away and by now it was rush hour.  I broke a number of traffic laws getting there.  By the time we got to the hospital it was a little before 7:00am.  Marci pushed for about half an hour and out came the baby.  I couldn’t believe how fast it went the second time around.

The weirdest thing was that Marci’s water never broke.  So Violet was born in her fluid sack.  When her head popped out it looked enormous due to the refraction.  Then Violet came out completely encased in the sack and the nurses had to cut it open to get her out so she could take her first breath.  So Marci basically passed an egg.

Marci and Violet are doing great and Violet is way better at breast feeding than Stella ever was.  Stella does like the baby and asked what her name was when we got home.  I don’t think she really understands what is going on though.

Here are some pictures.

IMG_8374 IMG_8382 IMG_8389 IMG_8419 IMG_8423 IMG_8434


  1. She looks awesome. Girls are the best babies to have. As a bonus if she ever becomes a professional wrestler you just add one letter and you’ve got Violent Ruby Stoffer. This would also work if she became an MMA fighter.


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