Reunion 2014

Hey guys,

So, Jon and I just met up down here in Bentonville, and we got to talking about the possibility of meeting up with the gang at some point in the near future. I thought I would throw the idea up on a thread and see who responds/what you guys think.

I’m thinking of something along the lines of a Friday-Saturday-Sunday (church)-head out type gathering. We could possibly shorten it, but given that many of us will likely be flying in, it might make it more worth our time to do something that is between 2.5-3 days.

Dan and I will be done with school in May/June, and I will likely begin a new job sometime in mid-July (I’m guessing a similar timeline for Dan). I know that for us, that transition point would really be a great time to do a get-together like this.

Really, I just want to get the conversation rolling. If there’s interest, we should probably schedule a Google Hangout to iron out possible dates.


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