So I was in this nursing class the other day and the lady told this story I’m going to sum up to you. She said one day she was cooking a roast and was cutting off about half an inch of meat around the whole roast. Her daughter asked her why and the lady told her daughter because that’s the way her mom had always done it. The daughter was very inquisitive so she called her grandma and the grandma gave the same answer so the daughter called her great-grandma. The great-grandma said, “I don’t know why they do it but I always just had a pan that was too small.”

So the humor is in the fact that the whole family was cutting meat off their roasts for no reason. The lady teaching the class got upset that no one laughed at her story but I just didn’t find it a funny story. It isn’t hard to get me to laugh but I’m just not going to laugh at that story. Then I thought a little more about the story and decided that if Cobabe told the story I probably would laugh and Dan Jennejohn would probably pee his pants.

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