In the shower I came up with this idea. Essentially you take the top 64 most played bands from your itunes account and place them in an NCAA basketball tournament style bracket. The idea is then to go through each matchup with the thought that one of these bands will be eliminated from the earth forever and therefore you must pick the one whose music is more essential to the survival of the planet until there is a final winner. This could also be played of course with groups of people. Say 4 different people each choosing 16 bands and they are placed into the same bracket then each match-up is voted upon until the final winner of the Rockpocalypse comes forth. We already know that Third eye blind would make it pretty deep into any bracket made by Dan Jennejohn, that U2 would likely win an Eliason bracket and that the only band in Howard’s bracket would be Jethro Tull. But what else could we learn?

Also I got a nursing job and a nursing license. I am officially a male nurse. Some dreams do come true.

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