Score Board!

You know that best part about being bald is that you’ve always got a great haircut.

I’m sitting in there in a tiny public library. Its probably only twice as large as my house but from what I can see they’ve got about 6 librarians working and a college student wearing a security guard costume (little early for Halloween buddy…). He has a terrible job and a terrible haircut.

I think the reason we have to have security guards at every library in Tucson is to stop the homeless people from showering in the bathroom. How about the library hires the homeless to keep other homeless out. You tell the homeless guy that he needs to keep all the other homeless out of the library. In exchange for his service he can shower in the bathroom after everyone leaves. Everyone wins. No homeless showering in the bathroom and the security guard can go get a haircut. Everyone wins.

Hey… weren’t a bunch of you guys security guards at the museum? Was having a bad haircut a job requirement? Was that what was going on? Mark?…


I taught Eli how to play checkers this morning. It was good fun and he isn’t very good so I win every game!

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