Song Challenge again!

Here is my submission guys.  I decide to do a cover in style of those Rockabye Baby CDs.  If you are not familiar with them, they are CDs of popular music turned into lullabies for babies.  Much easier to listen to than “The wheels on the bus” plus you get to feel cool that you have a hip baby who likes Smashing Pumpkins.

Anyway, I am glad there is a due date on these things because I could have probably spent another month making meaningless minor cuts and edits that wouldn’t have added too much to the production value.  This challenge has already helped me make progress creatively.



    1. Yeah. I used Garage Band and my Yamaha p-95 keyboard which has a MIDI output. The song is entirely made with MIDI. I used Marimba for the bass, vibraphone for the riff, Harp for the vocals, Piano for the backing vocals, Piano for Guitar parts, and various percussion for the drums.


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