Sweaty Head

I went on a run. Its Arizona so its hot and I came back glistening. I also had a huge blister. So I quickly hop on the computer and google blisters. While I’m sitting there Jacob (naked baby) climbs up behind me and begins to lick the beads of perspiration off the back of my head. He’s laughing and having a great time. His brother Jonathan (in the red) sees the fun that Jacob is having and wants in so he climbs up for a taste. You’ve got to understand that Johnny is an extremely picky eater with very sensitive tastes. He takes a big lick and almost falls over from disgust. He gives me this look that says “Why did I think that would be a good idea and what is wrong with you? He then drops to his knees and starts licking the carpet to get the taste off his tongue. Good times at the Howards.

I have been running a bit lately. Did the Sedona Marathon in February and have my sights set on a 50 miler sometime at the end of the year. I’m hoping for the Grand Teton 50 mile race August 31st. Only problem is we are expecting our 4th at the beginning of August and Rachelle doesn’t think a 17 hour road trip with a 3 week old is a good idea. I’m going to be in Salt Lake on the 27th and 28th anyways think a little trip up to Wyoming would really round out the trip. If I don’t run the race I’ll probably just fly to SLC for my meetings but I’d like to run the race and make it a little vacation so the family can spend the weekend at the grandparents in nearby Idaho.

I need some help with ways to convince her that this is a great idea.

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