The life of little Stoffer

Hey guys So I was talking with my girlfriend about awesome city the other day and realized I hadn’t posted on the blog for about a year… Far too long. So just a quick update on my life. I am dating a girl here in Houston, she is a math/theater major hoping to get into teaching. Things seem to be going good on that front but you never know… or at least I never seem to. I also just interviewed for an entry level job with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). The interview went really well so I am feeling pretty positive right now. Currently I am a biologist for a local aquarium. The work is fun and involves a lot of diving with fishes but there is not much of a future in it so I am really hoping that this job works out. Other than that I am basically finished with school so if I can get the job and keep the girl I will feel truly content for the first time in ages… that would be nice.

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