The truth can hurt

So I was in my old testiment review sesson and one of the review topics was “what is the churches veiw on evolution”. I said the stance is basically that there is no stance, being a bio major I have heard about the stance a hundred times. After explaining this, I think I made half the class think I was the Devil incarnate. This one girl was like no no thats not true it clearly says we did not evolve. Then she conceeded that it’s not as clear on animal evolution but in a way where you could tell she thought even that was a joke. Then some one was like “there is a lecture on the church and evolution @ 3 today. I think it would be very interesting.” Then another student said “But is it done by a biology professor? If it is, you’ll probably just get the same stuff he (points at me) said.” Then the first girl agreed “ya those Biology teachers…” (shakes her head)(I guess the only trust worthy athorities on evolution are people who know nothing about it). Finally we look up the official stance on BB and it says the whole God created everything thing. At this point the guys next to me says “Well that completely debunks evolution right there.” I didn’t even pause, I said “No it does not! It never once in the entire thing mentions HOW God created anything only that he is the creater and we the children. It’s a pretty way to say we have no stance.” Finally another student came to my aid and agreed with me. He must have had quite the sway on the group because once he agreed with me everyone dropped the issue. So now you know, if you wanna upset a lot of members all at once tell them the church in not against evolution.

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