The Way I love you

So here are some titles for love songs. If these songs were recorded by some kind of radical guy with chest hair the album would be called “The Way I Love You.”

I’m gonna lay you down
100% My Baby
Silk Pants
This thing don’t have to end
Catch the Love Train
You + Me = Love
Just Try to Love Me
Last Call For Sweetness
A Love S.O.S.
Out on Limb (You Know Who I am Just come on Over)
A Man to Love Her

I spent about 30 seconds writing the song 100% My Baby last night. It only took 30 seconds to write it and then i played it on the guitar for about 20 minutes until my wife was irritated but irritated in a good way. Any really good love song title should be able to inspire you to write the song in less than a minute and just know that there was no other way that song could be written. So in conclusion I just need to grow some chest hair and then I am going to start recording an album.

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